Simple Ways to Cut $180 From Your Energy Bill

Duke Power and Progress Energy are in the process of Merging. Will Cary, Holly Springs, Raleigh NC Home owners see savings from this merger? Duplicate positions will be cut, efficiencies found, but it will be at least a year before we see any benefits in our energy bills. Meanwhile, a quick way to save money on your energy bills is to simply install a programmable thermostat. It is estimated that home owner wills save 20% on their heating and cooling bills by adjusting the temperatures 5 to 10 degrees at night and when you are away from the home at work. We replaced the three thermostats in our house this year and I discovered they are also a time saver for me. In the spring and fall I was forever having to go to the thermostat and flip the setting from “heat” to “cool” as the outdoor temps fluctuated from day to night. Our new thermostats automatically flip the cycles for me so no more involuntary exercise for me running up the stairs (that is saved for the gym so I can pay for it!). I checked Home Depot in Cary and the average cost for the programmable Thermostats they carry is $80. My husband was able to do the replacement in 15 minutes. (He is a wonderful husband, father and friend, but not known as Mr Fix it…most “installations” take about 3 extra trips to the hardware store and some colorful language…if that helps you gauge the level of difficulty). Take a look at Energy Star’s Information about Thermostats and settings.


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