Looking for a Good Book to Read?

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I’ve wasted plenty of money buying books that I did not like; so thought it would be helpful to share with you books that were worth the time and money! I am lucky enough to be in a book club with a group of fantastic friends for about 12 years now. We’ve read tons of books and enjoyed discussing them over gallons of wine. I’ve listed below some of the books most of our group really liked (plus a few of my guilty pleasures).  Feel free to comment and add books you’ve enjoyed…it is a work in progress.

Book Name Description All Time Favs
The Help About the black maids in Alabama
Someone Knows my Name Composite character of young black woman’s life as a slave in 1770’s x
The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks non fiction. Where did the famous HELA cell line come from? What happened to her family?
Memoirs of a Geisha Follows young girl as she learns to be a geisha x
Secret Life of Bees Young girl in the South escaping her past
Girl with the Pearl Earring Poor English maid’s story
Life of Pi Indian boy’s travels –
The Hours
The Kite Runner Two boys growing up in Afghanistan x
2000 Sunrises (or Sunsets?) Two Afghan women’s lives
Devil in The White City Non fiction. 1893 Chicago World’s fair incredible feats contrasted to a Serial Killer who also was there x
Middlesex Non fiction follows young transsexual and his issues
Reading Lolita in Tehran Teacher Defies Iranian Law
Growing up Fast Studies Teen Pregnancy in small town
Rainey Small town southern girl marries big City boy…live in small town- funny
Pope Joan First Woman Pope
The Other Boleyn Girl Anne Boleyn’s sister as well as Anne’s fate with Henry
Running with Scissors boy grows up in super crazy family. Supposed to be funny but mainly disturbing
To Kill a Mockingbird classic…you know x
Fast Food Nation
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Autistic boy tries to figure out a who-done-it . Warm book
13 Moons almost biographical life of fronteersman in the Tenn/NC region x
The Glass Castle Helped show me I’m NOT the worst parent in the world. Super book x
Unbroke Horses Prequel to The Glass Castle. Her grand mom’s life x
Snowflower and the Secret Fan follows two Chinese girls through their friendship to old age x
Omnivore’s Delima Follows the actual source of 4 meals. Very powerful read x
Water for Elephants
Wicked I love books that turn our ideas on end.
Confessions of an Ugle Stepsister same as above…save author
Angela’s Ashes Biographical of the hard life endured by an Irish boy – yet funny, too x
Naked I love David Sedaris..all his books about growing up in Raleigh are funny
The Lovely Bones Sister tries to learn the fate of her dead sister
Angels and Demons guilty pleasure
Divinci Code guilty pleasure
Pillars of the Earth follows the Evil clergy vs the good in building a Cathedral
Where the Heart Is Young mother lives in Walmart
Omnivore’s Delima Author investigates the source an contents of 4 meals.  SUPER book x
Jesus Land Two kids living in a cult-like Christian camp. Biographical
Under the Banner of Heaven A girl’s experience growing up Mormon (not very pro)
Come Back Mom tries to bring her daughter back from drug filled life. Both real mom and daughter alternate chapters
The Golden Compass (Series) guilty pleasure
Harry Potter Series guilty pleasure x
Twilight Series guilty pleasure

3 thoughts on “Looking for a Good Book to Read?

  1. Thanks for sharing such a Great List of the best of the books over the past 10 years in bookclub for me as well. Loved “To Kill a Mockingbird”, its wonderful to include the classics.

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