Stage your Home to Sell!

It is a buyers market out there, for sure. Your home has to win the beauty contest and the price contest to get sold. Did you know that homes that are staged sell for 1% more than homes that are not? That does not sound like much, but take into account that 1% of a $200,000 home is an additional $2,000….so basically if you were to invest $2000 into staging your home, you will get is sold faster (between 40% – 70% faster according to RESA)  AND recoup that money.

In an article by Melissa Tracey from her blog Style Staged and Sold:

Daly City Home Staging: Living Room
Image by cindylinsf via Flickr

The following are the changes Brown most recommends to her clients in getting a home ready to list:

1. De-cluttering and removal of all personal pictures and items. Have the buyer to see the space as something they could own. Too many personal items crowded in a space makes that a challenge for buyers and clutter can detract from the features of a home.

2. New neutral, good quality rugs.

3. Re-painting several rooms into neutral colors, if needed.

4. Replacing and updating lighting fixtures.

5. Make any small repairs (or big ones if needed).

6. Purchase of matching appliances in the kitchen for a cohesive, finished look.

7. Update major furniture (furniture can be rented for the duration of the sale).

8. Move furniture to show the rooms to their best advantage, including moving very large furniture out of rooms to give them a more spacious feel

9. Incorporate decorative details that help give the home an inviting, finished feel. See the before and after photos below.

For more information about selling your home, check out the Sellers Section in


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