Wake County Addresses Determine Assigned Schools Once Again

People planning to buy new homes in Wake County can once again get a pretty fair shot at knowing which schools their children will be assigned to.  Children will be assigned to base schools, given an option of  Year Round Schools, and a list of  Magnet Schools available for their address. There are some schools which are currently over-crowded (mainly in the Cary/ Morrisville area) and new residents normally assigned to those schools will be given a number of alternative schools to attend.  The Magnet Schools web page shows which schools provide neighborhood transportation for your address, or provide “Express Busing” (Parents take children to a nearby location for bus pick-up) or S.O.L. busing (parents must drive their darlings to the school) pretend it is free private school! Joking aside, a number of our Magnet Schools are some of the highest rated schools in the country.

Some parents are willing to spend premium dollars to buy Cary houses which feed into schools that have stellar academic records such as Panther Creek High and  Green Hope High School. However,  these schools are very very academically competitive.Unless you child is truly gifted, they will find it very hard to get a high class rank.  On the other hand, if you child attends many of the other Wake County Schools, they may have a better chance at getting a higher class rank.  In addition,  I heard from my Dentist, who’s daughter attended Athens High and was accepted at UNC Chapel Hill this year, that the Admissions Dept at her new College told her that they prefer students from diverse schools such as Athens. Folks, these schools have the same AP courses, less competition to get into the courses, and a well rounded student body. In summary, almost all of the schools in Wake County will do a great job of educating little Johnny! Just something to think about when looking for a new home in the Cary/ Raleigh/ Apex areas.

Wake County Assignment Plan

School Buses


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