Tips for Easier and Cheaper ways to Pack and Move

One of the hardest parts about moving out of your old home and into your new home is packing.  First, you have to sift through years of accumulated stuff, which, if you live with a pack rat, as many of us do, will be pain number one.  After you argue over what to donate, sell, trash or keep, drink a bottle of wine and then make up, you are ready for pain number two….packing what is going to move with you.

I would like to introduce you to a better way than the old cardboard box scenario. It is a product I recommend to my Real Estate clients and they have been very very happy with it. Bungobox is a company that delivers various sizes of stackable plastic boxes to your home.  You load them up, transport them to the new home, and then they pick the empty boxes back up. It is an Earth friendly, less expensive, and more protective way to pack. The cost is approximately HALF the cost of the dreaded cardboard boxes.  They are a franchise so, check on- line to see if you have a Bungobox in your city.


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