Home that lives like an Estate 5401 Mattwynd Fuquay NC

Sometimes you come across a property that stands out above the rest. 5401 Mattwynd in Fuquay NC just came on the market and it has become one of my favorites. What makes it stand out? The house was built in 2000 and the sellers did all the right things:

  •  Painted all of the interiors a neutral color
  • Replaced worn / discolored carpet
  • Replaced outdated light fixtures
  • Replaced kitchen appliances with new (the old were ready to die at any time) and replaced the old surfaces with level 1 granite.

The property has lush trees and is very private. But what makes it fun it the little pond in the back. As I walked towards the pond to take photos for the listing (Teresa Bowen Real Estate, Keller Williams), a large (10″ round) turtle watched me and slowly slid back into the water. The frogs all talked to each other, it seemed, and hop hop hop they also jumped into the water.  I could picture the new lucky home owners enjoying wine on the stone patio and observing the other wildlife that the pond invites!  Below is a link to the Youtube video I made of 5401 Mattwynd. I wish I could have caught “Myrtle the Turtle”!




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