How to Get Multiple Offers on Your Wake County Home

Sellers in many of the Wake County areas have been enjoying multiple offers for their homes.  It is a lot of fun for sellers to sift through the offers with their agent  evaluating the best package, and because many of the offers are for over list price, they need to look closely to determine which ones will most likely pony up the difference between the appraised price and the Contract price. A nice position to be in!

Conditions that Help Get Multiple Offers:

1. Select an Agent who will advertise on multiple on-line platforms. Statistics tell us that 96% of all buyers begin their Wake County home  search on-line.  Your agent should be able to tell you all of the websites that your listing will syndicate to and how they reach out to attract these buyers.

2. Virtual Tour. The #2 reason buyers click-through through to your listing information is to view a virtual tour. Most agents use the typical slow-mo Ken Burns-like pan and zoom programs which use your home’s MLS photographs.  BOOORING.  Find an agent who can create an energetic commercial for your listing that will keep buyer’s attention.  This is a great platform for showing buyers how great the area is!  Photos of nearby playgrounds, parks, shopping (if it is attractive), etc.  I recently took pics of an organic produce stand near my listing…the buyers loved the idea of fresh local food!

3. Comming Soon! Your agent should be able to create a nice buzz about your home before it goes on the market, then activate the listing on Friday morning.  You will not believe the pent-up demand that will flock to your property!  The buyer’s agents will know that your home is being shown multiple times,  and will let your agent know if an offer is coming.  Armed with a few of these “heads-up an offer is coming,”  ask your agent to contact all who showed the property  to let them know that there are multiple offers and provide them with a date/ time that all offers must be submitted by.

Here is the commercial that I created for a recent listing (the one that shows the produce stand). We had 8 showings, had 4 solid offers, and went under contract in 2 days significantly over list price. (Don’t think our list price was too low…the seller had just had it appraised!):










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