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Home Selling Secrets: Getting the most for your home

Are you thinking of putting your Wake County home on the market soon? There are a number of proven strategies to get your home sold quickly and for as much money as possible.

The most important strategy  is setting your price correctly from the very beginning.  Some sellers are tempted to “try out” the market at a higher price than their Real Estate broker recommends.  The reason this is a bad idea is that when your property goes “live” in the  Wake County Multiple Listing  system(MLS), all of the pent-up demand, or people who have seen what is already out there and have set up alerts for new properties will rush out to see your property.   If they go view it, and the price is too high, you have lost them and you will rarely get a second chance even if you lower the price.  It is statistically proven out that you will get the most showings and interest in the first few weeks of your home going on the market….after that,  the seller typically starts dropping the price but to a much smaller buyer base.  Ultimately, they will sell for less money over a longer period of time (making house payments all the while!).  That is why it is important to find a great Raleigh area Real Estate Broker who can help you price your property correctly at the get -go!